Company Profile

Corporate profile

Company name: Sustainavision Ltd.
Managing Director: Takeshi Shimotaya
Date of Foundation: 23rd December 2010
Address: International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, City of London, London EC1A 2BN, UK
Service: CSR/Sustainability Training, CSR/Sustainability related research


Our vision is to create a more sustainable planet and preserve the earth for future generations. We hope to achieve this vision through supporting our clients’ CSR and carbon management programmes, working together to build a more sustainable world.

Origin of the name “Sustainavision”

We can read “Sustainavision” as “sustain a vision”. The “sustain” element represents “sustainability”, indicating our strong desire to cause little or no damage to the environment, and preserve the earth for future generations. The “vision” element indicates our “vision” to achieve this aim, through ongoing support and cooperation with client enterprises and organisations, and implementing sustainable CSR and carbon management programmes to protect the earth.

Meaning of logo of Sustainavision
Sustainavision Ltd. supports the development and promotion of sustainable thinking. The logo is composed of three colours; blue, red and white. Blue is the dominant colour representing the colours of the ocean and sky. In addition, blue symbolises trustworthiness and commitment, whilst red symbolises action and courage, and white symbolises purity and kindness. Sustainavision Ltd. facilitates the carrying out of socially responsible activities by companies and organisations, leading to the maintenance of a sustainable earth through the concepts which the logo symbolises.