Giving the speech “Current European CSR trend and difference from Japanese CSR”

Mr Takeshi Shimotaya, Managing Director of Sustainavision gave the speech, ”Current European CSR trend and difference from Japanese CSR” at the seminar of “Thinking challenges and opportunities of Japanese CSR from a global perspective” organised by Caux Round Table Japan and Cetus & General Press in Osaka on 1st of March 2013. 
It was held at Umeda Campus of Kansei Gakuin University, and at the beginning, Associate Professor Hiroshi Ishida, Executive Director of Caux Round Table Japan delivered the presentation about “Human rights important issues in deferent industries working with 40 Japanese companies”. And then after that, Mr Shimotaya talked about ①EU CSR strategy and progresses ② European companies’ approach to Human Rights ③ Quotas for women on boards ④ Supply chain issues ⑤Water risk ⑥Sustainable Story telling ⑦Ecocide. After that, Mr Eiji Yanagida, Representative director of Asian Institute of Communication delivered a presentation about “What kind of CSR Reporting which would be evaluated in China in terms of CASS-CSR2.0”.

After that, Mr Yoshihiko Yamabuki, Operating Officer of Cetus & General Press Inc, moderated questions and dialogue session.
CSR/Environmental specialists, NPOs, academics (37 people in total) attended this seminar.
Sustainavision will deliver a presentation about “European CSR topics” in the future.

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