Lecture to the Global Programme in London organised by UK-Japan Learning Net

 Mr Takeshi Shimotaya, Managing Director of Sustainavision, gave the lecture about ” Why CSR is so important? Why do we need CSR now?” to “the Global Programme in London” organized by UK-Japan Learning Net on 21st of August 2013. It was held at Institute of Education, University of London.

Mr Shimotaya gave a lecture which was composed of 1. What is CSR? 2. Global CSR Trends 3. European Union CSR Strategy 4.Greenwashing 5. International Survey of CSR report 6. Supply Chain issues and Human Rights 7. The Business Benefits of CSR.
Mr Yuichiro Kamikawa, Senior Director, Sustainable Packaging, Coca Cola Enterprises also gave a lecture about “ Coca Cola Enterprises’ Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CRS)” including Energy and Climate Change、Sustainable Packaging and Recycling.
University students from freshman year to senior year about 20 students attended the lectures.
Sustainavision will deliver European and world wide CSR information at seminars and lectures in universities.
Request for speaking:please contact us via info@sustainavisionltd.com

UK-Japan Learning Net website: http://learning-net.org/en/

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