10.2014 You Tube Channel “SusNavi” carries the interview of Takeshi Shimotaya from Sustainavision

You Tube Channel “Sus Navi” organised by Respons Ability Inc (CEO Dr Naoki Adachi) carries the interview of Takeshi Shimotaya, Managing Director of  Sustainavision.

There is the interview of the video below (in Japanese ) Please watch them.

Sus Navi 222 Takeshi Shimotaya (1) Why UK? <Susnavi・Talk005>

Sus Navi! 223 Takeshi Shimotaya(2) What is Sustainable Storytelling? <SusNavi・Talk005>

Sus Navi! 224 Takeshi Shimotaya(3) Preparing for water risk <SusNavi・Talk005>

Sus Navi! 225 Takeshi Shimotaya(4) Sustainability for Cotton <SusNavi・Talk005>

Sus Navi! 226 Takeshi Shimotaya(5) UK CSR advanced companies <SusNavi・Talk005>

Sus Navi! 227 Takeshi Shimotaya(6) Why did Marks&Spencer publish “Plan A”? <SusNavi・Talk005>

Sus Navi! 228 Takeshi Shimotaya(7) What is Nestle’s CSV? <SusNavi・Talk005>

Sus Navi! 229 Takeshi Shimotaya(8) Message to Japanese companies <SusNavi・Talk005>

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